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CanTicket | Time tracking Software

Finally! A business tool that understands business.

Reduce the friction of overbearing clients and repetitive tasks with our unique client request portal and reoccurring checklists.

Capture those lost expenses and run reports on your clients, projects and team.

Cassandra our Founder was recently in Europe to discuss how CanTicket is being utilised in Australian agencies.

Read more about her journey here.

Operational software for remote and hybrid teams.

Keep on top of teams deliverables. Capture lost expenses. Assign a project lead, request feedback on projects.

Manage, your clients projects, teams and contractors.

CanTicket Teams Software

Start using operational software for your team.

Time Tracking
Paid feature.
3rd Party Integration.
60 Day Guarantee.
Free Client Access
As guests.
Business Reporting
Per board.
Per board.
Quick Set Up
Requires Trigger Setup.
Expenses Tracking
Paid feature.
Paid Feature.
Client Request Portal
CanTicket Branding

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CanTicket Branding

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CanTicket Branding

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Where we have been incubating:

If you track time, manage projects and have expenses the answer is Yes!

Initially designed for agencies, CanTicket is a smalll business operations system. Our soultion suits the majority of businesses with 1 – 40 employees and multiple departments. 

Firstly you will save on by reduce the number of overlapping software subscriptions you are using to run your business.

Capture lost expenses on job cards, identify your overserviced clients. Reduce phone calls, back and forth communication in Account Management with our client request dashboard.

You can access our support team here at the help desk. Click here to redirect to Help Desk.

Use the FAQ’s, watch the videos on the features page or send us a ticket, our team will respond within 3 working days.

No! and we won’t be so YOU don’t need to worry about updates.

We have designed our software to be cloud-based, simply add the website to the home screen of your device to access the mobile site.

Login and access your administration settings. You can always contact support if you need help also.

When you activate the client access tool, your customers can log in at any hour of the night and submit requests for work to be done.

It was designed to streamline workflow, but when used properly, you can turn it into a revenue stream for your business.

CanTicket offers a 60 Day-Guarantee that our tool will have your team managing tasks more efficiently and grow your businesses productivity when set up properly.

Please see the terms and conditions for more details.

Not yet, but neither do many  other CRMs. We do capture expenses and charge rates.

We have plans to integrate with XERO, Active Campaign and Slack in 2022. In the meantime, our reporting tool is very detailed.

Great question, first you need to set up the business in the business settings.  If you need extra help, head back to the welcome emails where you find some tutorials, or visit the videos page in the navigation. If you still get stuck, contact us via the help desk. 

Cassandra Cadorin

Why CanTicket

The problem with the working from home and hybrid model isn’t productivity.

It’s how does a business manage its clients, projects, teams, tasks and expenses? 

CanTicket has the potential to be a game-changer for small businesses. Now is the time to streamline your expenses and run your business simpler and smarter.

Cassandra Cadorin. 2 May 2022

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CanTicket Branding
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