5 Unique Features Make CanTicket the Best Project Management Tool in 2022:

1. Client Request Portal

The CanTicket app brings clients directly on board your project through a unique client request portal requiring no additional apps, integrations, emails, or calls to the client – at zero extra outlay to your business. This means no more time spent by salaried employees following up on customer requests over various platforms because clients navigate directly to the CanTicket platform to request work – or revisions – at any time of the day or night – in any time zone.

 On approval, project managers can assign tasks to departments, leaders, staff, and subcontractors and permit client access to the creator task page. or the visual timeline – and receive feedback requests, comments, or orders.

Note: Clients are not automatically privy to the task flow and inner working of teams – it is at the discretion of the project manager or team leader, who must enable the function on the app before assigning a job to a member.

2. Graphic Task Timeline

A unique timeline appears as tasks progress on the CanTicket project management app, allowing comments, collaborative links, and files to upload to admin and clients throughout the work duration.

Implementing a comment box to drop links and text into the timeline eliminates the need for other applications or integrations to communicate about the project with clients, departments, staff members, and subcontractors. Google, Canva, Adobe, MS Office, Apple iWork, Dropbox, and thousands more office and creative apps are fully collaborative. Dropping links to work completed on their platforms is just as efficient, if not more so, than having that same extension on your project management application interface.

3. CanTicket Checklists | You Can Tick It

Once an admin or project manager approves an order within the app, they assign tasks to specific departments, team members, or subcontractors. At this point, they can add checklists to regulate and organise the workflow that appears on the task page. Alternatively, any staff member can create their list, and as each item or step of the work process completes – they can tick it.

Ticking off a finished task is satisfying and motivates workers to move forward more enthusiastically with the project schedule. Managers can see ticked sub-tasks on the lists in their reports, which provide valuable insight into how the project is flowing – and how the staff is coping with the workload, allowing time for adjustments, retraining, support, or outsourcing to keep the project on schedule.

CanTicket-Task Management for small business

4. Expenses and Invoicing

Expenses accumulated along the way are easy to include at every step, avoiding costs that might otherwise be left undetected and not charged to the client, costing the company losses. And, with a notification for invoicing once the task has been marked as complete, it is almost impossible for the accounts team, or admin in charge, to miss invoicing a client immediately.

5. Affordable Time-Tracking and Project Management

Organisations that use proven project management practices waste 28 times less money than their counterparts who do not have those practices in place. (CIO, 2019 FinancesOnline)

Streamlining any business for success starts with excellent project management – whether collaborating virtually or in the workplace. And if you are an individual or freelancer, CanTicket is the best project management app for small business; onboard clients, tick off sub-tasks on a checklist, stick to deadlines, and keep on track with priority-flagged jobs.

The CanTicket time tracking app is affordable, reliable, and easy to use; the CanTicket Basic Plan is free and comes with time-tracking and checklist features and the possibility to add up to five clients, making it suitable for individual users and freelancers.

The CanTicket plans are affordable at under $20 per user per month, offering extended features for clients, staff, and admin.

CanTicket Delivers the 4 Phases of Project Management to Guarantee Quality Output

Statistics show that small businesses, even if run by an individual, depend on how well they follow the science and research behind project management. CanTicket software has integrated the four concepts of project management; Resources, Time, Cost, and Scope to ensure quality deliverables, satisfied clients, and high-performing staff.


77% of high-performing teams use project management software (PWC

Any series of activities and tasks with a specific objective to be completed within certain specifications; have a defined start and end date; have funding limits; consume money, people, and equipment – and are multifunctional.Dr. Harold Kerzner.