Assigning Tasks

With the basic business set-up now completed, you can assign tasks to your team quickly and efficiently when clicking “Add Task”. 

Quickly assign a client, task type, department, teammates and project dues dates and estimated time (budget) for the project.

For those projects that require multiple steps, we encourage using the checklist feature. 

The checklist feature, can be unique to the task being created OR if you are frequently fulfilling repetitive tasks, create a template and import it into your ticket saving your team hours of manual data entry in future.

CanTicket | Staff CRM

What’s great about CanTicket is now multiple people can work on one project and track their progress both individually and as a team using the time tracker.

Time can be added either using the start/stop clock. Manually on the “add time spent” button. Or when the job is sent for review. – No task can move through CanTicket without time attached.

For more complex projects requiring multiple people, due dates and milestones, you can add these to the task once it has been created. See below


CanTicket | Assign Staff and Milestones

When a job is complete, and send for review to management. They will then be able to generate report with the timestamps, comments and deliverables of the project for track-ability.

Watch the Task Management video with your team here.

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