Watch your costs when running a hybrid office

CanTicket - Hybrid Remote Team Software

Rather than force people back into the office when they don’t want to go, many businesses have adopted a hybrid way of working.

Companies must review the software they are using, says Cassandra Cadorin, of Candid Marketing. 

Some days, staff are required to be at their desks. On other days, they can work from home.

In a world where inflation is such a hot topic, rising costs is the downside of supporting a hybrid approach to working. Businesses typically need to subscribe to or implement a huge array of software to allow people to work both at home and at work.

“The common issue with the hybrid model is that many businesses are pushed into using expensive software to manage their client’s projects and teams, which were originally designed for enterprise businesses,” says Cassandra Cadorin, who runs Candid Marketing.

“I spent $17,000 one year working out this issue while running a team of eight from Griffith in NSW.

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