Much like a cake, you can't cook without a warm oven!

CanTicket is your oven, you need to warm it up if you want your business to rise.

To help you start assigning tasks to your team, first you need to set up your business in CanTicket.

Make sure to watch the setup videos so you can see how the system works, and more importantly how it can work for you.

Watch the videos here Your next few steps are (in this order) In the Business Settings set up your account.
  1. Add Departments
  2. Add Roles
  3. Add Task Type
  4. Add SubTask Types (You can do these later also)
  5. Add Staff
  6. Add Clients (This does not notify your clients, nor does it give them access)
Once you are done, you are ready to provide your team access to CanTicket.

Frequently Asked Questions

These will change depending on your business. 

Example for a Marketing Agency:  Design, Web Development, Marketing, Admin, Management 

These are the positons of your staff or contractors

Example for a Marketing Agency: Designer, Account Manager, Web Developer, Accountant, SEO Specialist 

These are the types of work you do regularly in your organisation. 

Example of a Marketing Agency: Social Media Management, On-Page SEO, Website Design 

These are the smaller sub task that you occur when breaking down a bigger task

Example for a Marketing Agency: if “Design is the task type” a sub task could be “logo design”, “flyer design”, ” social media graphics”

We never assume here at CanTicket, so if you are working as a solo entreprenuer – well done! If you don’t have staff and are using contractors you can also set them up with limited access of CanTicket. See “Contractors” in the help desk to learn more.

There are two client areas of CanTicket.

The first is where you add your clients so you can complete there work – no they won’t receive anything. 

The second is called “Client Access” and your clients will only receive access to your CanTicket and feed work directly to your team IF you  provide them login details which can be found in your business settings. 

If you have any questions or feedback please reach out to us at and we will get back to you ASAP.

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