Canticket is the Preferred Task Management and Time Tracking Tool for Agencies

If you’re an agency owner, then you know how important it is to keep track of your costs, staff performance and expenses to ensure your business’s success. Here are the top 3 areas where agencies lose profit and where CanTicket is focused on;

Time tracking isn’t about productivity. It identifies where you are over-servicing clients

Time is money. Over-servicing clients can be harmful to your business. We get it, you want to do quality work, however, the late-night calls, the slow onboarding and back and forth on poor briefs are frustrating. When you do too much work for clients you either have to charge the client more or absorb the cost of the additional work which will impact your agency’s profit margins. With Canticket, you will have the power to monitor how much time is spent on a task by each of your staff with its native time tracking capabilities. With it’s task management and time tracking you will have control over where to focus and spend time on what’s important and what’s not, that way over-servicing will not happen in your business.

time task and resource management

The importance of Tracking expenses and charging clients

Service-based businesses frequently incur costs on behalf of clients, and sometimes they tend to lose track and forget what it was for or with who the cost was associated. Those little costs here and there can mount up and spiral beyond what was forecast due to them coming in from a lot of sources.

To preserve profit margin, businesses should have a time task and resource management systems in place that allow staff to accurately quote on client projects, track actual costs against estimates, identify out-of-pocket expenses early, gain insights into where time is being utilized and be able to invoice quickly and easily. CanTicket is the best project management tool and provides that feature that helps agencies track down costs and time spent so you can invoice your clients effectively!

“Business is not about how much you make. It’s how much you save!”

Dealing with different platforms just to get a job done

One way an agency loses profit without them knowing it is with the multiple platforms they use to get the job done. Agencies usually pay 3-4 different software/tools like project management software, a time tracking system for their team, and many more. What they need is an all-in-one tool that does it all. A web based project management tool that realistically saves them time and money. A time task and resource management tool like CanTicket, which has native time and expense tracking features and client management features like client reporting and client invoicing that helps agencies to keep tabs on all aspects of a project from start to finish, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

CanTicket’s comprehensive features help agencies save time and money while improving project accuracy and transparency for clients. By using this strategic project management tool, agencies can streamline their workflow and avoid costly mistakes.

It is the perfect solution for your business. It is designed to combat the most common obstacles that agencies face that push them to lose profits.

With CanTicket, you’ll have everything you need to run your agency smoothly and efficiently!

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