CanTicket vs Trello

We started off as a micro-business, so essentially we had 4 people. Naturally we wanted to maintain our focus and keep on top of all the projects we had coming in to make sure we were delivering what we promised. We needed a tool and the most popular on one the market was Trello.

Now don’t get me wrong Trello is a great tool if you want to get your very small team organised and you aren’t focused on maintaining time sensitive projects and keeping online of your deadlines. Essentially if you aren’t familiar with it, it’s a tool for organisers and project managers.

With it, you can group all your projects into boards that are tailored to fit the needs of each individual board and user. In our situation, using this app did help, some of the team were already familiar with it however it always left us wanting more as the features were lacking.

Why is CanTicket better than Trello?

Tasks monitoring

Trello was great when we were just monitoring one or two team members projects, but when we were monitoring more than three in the team, this is when the confusion really started to settle in.

Updated: 23 December 2021

It was hard to monitor tasks across different departments and task complexity as we need to set up boards for users and then departments. So a user had to switch between boards to manage their time and projects.. This was the first issue.

Our next major issue was that Trello doesn’t allow you to tracktime, so then we had to run a separate task time software. By the time we had teams using multiple boards and multiple software to complete a handful of projects. With CanTicket you can automatically assign tasks to more than one team member without the complication of boards. Time tracking is instantly available, making it simpler for project managers to monitor productivity and view at a glance time spent on any project.

Summary of Tasks

If your to do list is rather extensive, you know you want to see everything in one glance. This is summary feature is for viewing long lists is not available for Trello, you need to be ready to do a lot of clicking to get what you are looking for. While on CanTicket, team members can view what tasks are on-going or are still pending, individually under “My Tasks” or as a team so they know what is waiting to be worked on. CanTicket has the perfect solution for project managers to stay on top of what needs their attention. With this app, you can easily plan out your day and check which tasks are due or need immediate action!


With Trello, it is a bit messy putting the boards together, or grouping it together by departments. There is no easier way to check on department tasks, but by providing different boards,this makes a lot of clicking back and forth to find what you are looking for. We noticed that with collaboration between departments, we would need to create a different board on top of what was existing – this is not productive.  This is one of the features we love about CanTicket. This tool is great for collaboration, as it allows members from different departments to work together on a task-by-task basis, with an optional checklist feature, allowing team members to do their task and literally “tick it” off as completed making it easier than ever to keep projects on track.

Search Feature

The search feature in Trello is not always accurate. In addition if you have four departments if you need to look manually this is a timewasting issue and creates frustration for the team member. CanTicket is a ticketing system that allows team members to work more efficiently. The search bar provides easy access for browsing tasks, while filters allow you to filter by type or department so everyone can find what they need quickly, jobs are assigned IDs and unique urls so when sharing tasks off the system, its just a copy+paste on the url and wont be wasting precious time.


Trello does not provide you reports which are crucial for businesses. Reporting settings are accessible only by the managers and administrators on your account. Allowing you the ability to assign charge rates on staff and client rates. One of the key features of the CanTicket reporting is if you need to generate a report for a client urgently or check which team members worked on a project, CanTicket allows you to generate these in just a few clicks. Choose the period, status and department you need then CanTicket will take care of everything else! Easily export your report into a CSV and edit the data as you need.

Review Feature

When comparing back to Trello, if you need to review a tasks that have been completed, a different board should be readily available. This board is where your team members manually transfer their tasks/tiles in order for project managers to review. This is great for a few completed tasks. However, with a growing task list, there is a chance that priority tasks are pushed down when transferring the tiles. There is no guarantee that project managers can get to the prioritised tasks first. 

CanTicket’s review feature allows managers to check which tasks need attention with the big red text  REVIEW NEEDED that cannot be missed. Tasks submitted for review are arranged by the date they are submitted for review, saving time and making sure that tasks are not slipping through the cracks. What’s even better is if a job has been completed and needs to be reopened or reviewed, you can do this by reviewing the “completed tasks” area which automatically populates when a task is closed. – No manual labour here


We understand that picking the right tool for your business can be difficult, when in doubt start simple. CanTicket is an ALL-IN-ONE tool with a focus on simplicity and productivity. 

The simplicity of the design and structure ensures your team is comfortable with the system. The logic behind the design is practical and doesn’t require you adding any automations – they are already pre-built in. Your team will confidently collaborate and keep on top of tasks seamlessly. 

Most importantly, due to the simple yet modern design your team won’t forget how to use it when they come back from leave! 

CanTicket is a worthy contender in the task management and business tool space. You really do get what you pay for and so much more.