CanTicket vs Monday

Pricing and Plans

The problem with the working from home and hybrid model isn’t productivity. It’s how does a business streamline their clients, projects and team on one platform? 

When it comes to cost factor alone CanTicket offers starter users 10 clients at no extra cost so you as a buiness owner can get on top of your projects quickly with minimal disruption.

Software subscriptions in business are very expensive when you look at what a platform costs you for a whole year, and it adds up – so it is easy to see how much you can save by switching to CanTicket!

CanTicket’s pricing is great for small teams and growing teams. It is more cost-effective than any other platform.


Once you purchase a subscription if you’re not completely satisfied, you can register your claim within 60 days of the Date of Purchase and get your money back. No other platform has that to offer.

File Storage

Since our team is always working on different files, it is very important for us to store these and for our clients to access these files whenever needed, such as to authorise them. For an Individual plan, offers no file storage while CanTicket already offers you up to 1 GB of file storage default with our Free Plan. This allows for the team and clients to collaborate better.

Updated: 2 August 2022


We always get confused with linking boards and choosing the right template for our team and projects are so broad. has a lot of templates to use depending on your departments, type of work, etc which can be confusing to set up and track. With CanTicket though, you just have to set up the departments and names of your team members and it is already available for you to click or choose, depending on your task.

Client-Friendly does not offer a solution for clients to request work and streamline communications. If you add clients as a user, that can and will compromise all tasks currently in your system, because they* aka clients can modify them. CanTicket allows clients to request a task without compromising all other tasks in the account, allows them to review ant feedback and watch as progress is underway. 

Tasks and Timers

CanTicket’s timers are available for all tasks. If you don’t need to track your time (which we highly doubt), that’s okay! No need to set up timers manually just like in for every board.

CanTicket also allows each team member to give an update individually and automatically view their time spent on the project. The combined time is already available automatically as well, whereas would need to be customised with columns = time-consuming.

Approval of Tasks

With, in order to transfer approved or completed tasks into a separate board, there should be automation which of course you need to figure out. Again, time-consuming.

CanTicket allows for the easy transfer of approved or completed tasks into a separate board. With just one click, it will send your task off automatically so that it can be reviewed by someone on your team, then marked as done if all requirements are met – saving time in both collaborations between teams AND avoiding any confusion about what needs attention first when getting started with project management software like this.


Reports have never been so easy to create as what they are with CanTicket! With just choosing the period, status and department you are able to generate reports for your company’s needs! Apps like, however, require more work before export which can take up valuable time in getting these documents ready when they’re needed most.


No need to create your own dashboard! With CanTicket the Dashboard is readily available and user-friendly for team members, clients, and other stakeholders to use.

Are you ready to migrate and access the benefits?