Setting up for Success

CanTicket has been designed to keep things simple. We are the ideal solution for small and growing businesses that want to streamline business tools.

We provide one solution for task management, time tracking, account management, CRM, client dashboard and reporting on business productivity tool.

Start with the business settings

CanTicket Busuness Settings

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Starting with the basics

Great now you are ready to set up your account. 

Your first step is to set up the departments, roles and task types in your organisation. 

An example of this could be: 

Department: Development

Roles: Senior Developer

Task Type: Server management

Sub Task: Create email 

Adding Users and Clients

The modern and simply designed interface allows businesses to set up clients and teams with departments roles and charge rates.

In addition administrators can run to a reporting platform where you can monitor clients or staff daily, weekly or monthly.

Time, Task and Team Management

Tasks vary and so are the skills required for one project. Tasks can be assigned to individuals, departments or roles.

CanTicket allows multiple people to track time against the same project and at the same time.

The checklist feature and comments allow individuals to provide details on their contributions each time they use the system.

When a job is complete, the report will generate timestamps, comments and deliverables on the project for track-ability.

Optional Feature:

Client Management System

CanTicket keeps you open for business 24/7. Our platform has the ability for client access.

Our review process allows the Account Manager or Administrators to approve/deny or request further information before being passed onto your team for completion.

This feature reduces the need for phone calls, texts and email requests by clients by allowing them to directly lodge their requests to your team from their chosen device.