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CanTicket Setup Steps

Hi There!

We know, that new tools are fun and you may have skimmed over some emails or skipped some of the setup videos before trying to add your tasks and team and then hit a road block.

More than likely –  that is why you are here. 

This is a very important step, make sure you set up your business settings so you can start assigning tasks.

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CanTicket Busuness Settings

Setting Up your account

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Much like anything when you start a new business or process steps need to be taken. Start with Business Settings, Add Departments, Add Roles, Add Task Types, Add Staff and Add clients.
No, not at all. You can track projects and tasks against clients, and you as the administrator choose, this step is found on the client’s page and will appear once created.
Add your business logo and branding in the Business Information area. Here you can manage the logo that will display on your team’s profiles.
This feature is coming soon
30days notice for the cancellation period applies. Our cancellations occur on the 1st of the month.

Not yet, we are looking at ways to implement this. In the meantime, you can pull reports and export on CSV. 

Please head over to Setting up for Success and watch the task videos, this is a more detailed.

The software is as good as the setup and user. We have designed the tool to be simple so your team can focus on getting the task done then clicking back and forth to update a task.

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