CanTicket – Task and Time Management

Tracking time is the only way to know how you are spending yourself, personally and professionally. It’s important for productivity as well as insight into where there may be areas of improvement or growth in order that they can be improved upon!

A key part about keeping track has always been understanding what tasks need more attention than others so we don’t waste valuable hours on low priority stuff which could go towards other things.

Unlike any other platforms out there, CanTicket has a built-in time tracking for tasks that are created in the system. It is the best time and task management app that is easy to use with just one click of the “start” button and can be for “team tasks” or tasks delegated to more than one member of the team.

best time and task management app

Why is time-tracking important?

Improves focus on projects

CanTicket’s task and time management system will improve you and your team’s ability to stay on top of projects. The real-time dashboard allows you to see what’s happening with all the tasks – whether it is currently worked on. You can also create filters so it is easier to find exactly what you’re looking for when needed–and never miss an important deadline again.

Identify areas of improvement

Tracking time can also help you and your Project Manager to identify inefficient gaps in working and find solutions. With it’s task management and time tracking feature, it also lets the team know if somebody is struggling with certain tasks, which could be pointing out procedures that need to adjust accordingly.

CanTicket can help you pull out the reports on a team member and check where they spend too much energy. This can help you develop strategies with your team members on how to be more productive.

Communicate Progress

You can’t always answer client questions on “what has been done today” or even provide an estimate of when they will be finished. CanTicket’s time tracking feature is completely transparent with clients, allowing you to communicate the progress more professionally with the reports that CanTicket provides.

Manage Costs Accurately

With accurate billable hours, you can save money and manage costs. CanTicket can help you maintain proper bookkeeping, because this is such an essential part of managing a business, with it’s time task and resource management feature. Overselling or under-billing can quickly drain profits, so take the extra step today to make sure that clients are paying you what you deserve, and you are paying your team members with the accurate number of hours worked!

Measure Resources

The time spent on a project is one of the most important measurements when it comes to determining who does what. It also tells you whether your team needs more people or other resources like machinery and equipment in order for everything to go smoothly.

Team Accountability

When an organisation uses a crm for tracking time, all the employees actually end up with a bit of control. They can decide how much work they want to do and when it’s okay for them to take off from their job. The sense of ownership helps boost engagement and involvement levels which makes sure that everything runs more smoothly.

CanTicket’s time tracking feature can have a positive impact on your business in many ways. It can help you streamline your operations and improve your bottom line.