Business is about making money. However it is also important to assess and find places where you can save money also.

Businesses globally have been forced to embrace digital solutions faster than any other business trend over the past decade. With consistent discussions around the Great Resignation, working from home and the hybrid work model, the reality is that the cost of “going digital” is expensive. Small businesses in particular are left to find software or workarounds to fill the gaps and many solutions they have to choose from have been designed for large scale enterprises and agile teams.

The SaaS industry is both the problem and the solution when it comes to creating inefficiencies in businesses. Across the globe businesses were sending employees home during the world pandemic and presenting them with the software solutions to accommodate the working from home model to keep their businesses moving. However now with the hindsight of managing fully remote teams, the issue comes down to money and who can solve the problem you are having right now.

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