Does your team have regular deliverables and actionable items that repeat frequently?

Now you can simplify your life, and save time and lost hours of manual admin using the  CanTicket checklist feature.

Now you can make unique checklists and templated ones for your repetitive tasks.

On your main navigation look for ” Checklist”.  -Here you can create as many checklists as you like. 

  1. Create a checklist name
  2. Create a checklist topic
  3. Then Add your “to-do” content
  4. When done press CLOSE, you checklist will automatically save and be ready for use. 
CanTicket | Reocurring Checklist business

Once you have create a templated checklist and you want to use it, on your next task click on the “Import Checklist button” to select the one you want to use, with one click.  

Saving you and your team hours each week, month and year typing out the same list for you and your team to work off.


What is even better is now you can make that checklist part of your standard operating procedures (SOPs), so when a task needs to be done your team can on click install and run with it.

Hot Tip: Checklist are 100% customisable, just add and delete any items you need as you go! 

CanTicket gets back to business basics with simplicity and task management.

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