Why CanTicket is the Best Project Management App with Time Tracking in 2022

The CanTicket time tracking app saves time and money. Discover how the best time tracking tool in 2022 powers remote office success for individuals and small business, including design agencies, contractors, traders, and anyone invoicing time.

A project is an endeavor in which human (or machine), material, and financial resources are organised in a novel way, to undertake a unique scope of work, or given specification, within constraints of cost and time,  to deliver beneficial change by quantitative and qualitative objectives.  The Handbook of Project Management, Turner, 1998Research Gate

The Best Project Management App For Small Business has Launched | CanTicket

CanTicket, an innovative Australian startup, has launched a cloud-based project management app for small business enterprises with an out-of-the-box time tracking tool designed to optimise performance by keeping the project to schedule,  generating business insights, and streaming workflow.

● No Time Unaccounted | No Cost Hidden

The CanTicket time tracking app also ensures no time spent working is unaccounted for – and no extra expenses are accidentally lost in cyber-space or forgotten –  with unique inbuilt expense tracking and invoicing features. Keeping costs to budget, adding office expenses to each task, and invoicing promptly on job completion ensure a successful outcome by maintaining the project within its scope.

● The Best Project Management Tool for Onboarding Small Business Clients

Furthermore, the CanTicket project management app pulls the entire remote workplace into one customisable virtual office, bringing your clients onboard directly and eliminating unnecessary communication. Too much time is easily lost tracking down voice mails, emails, and other forms of correspondence on various platforms. Clients can post job requests and orders 24 hours around the clock on CanTicket. And with admin permission, they can track workflow timelines and post feedback directly to the team or individual working on their order – helping to keep the work flowing smoothly and on time.

Why the Best Project Management Tools use Time-Tracking

● Time-Tracking Increases Productivity

Tracking employees’ working hours increases productivity by ensuring the project stays on schedule and within budget, leading to high-quality deliverables and ultimate output success. The CanTicket time-tracking tool allows project managers, stakeholders, and clients to monitor progress and gain insights into how employees cope with various tasks and schedules.

● Monitoring Time Provides Insightful Data that Keeps Projects on Track

Importantly, what is NOT going according to plan will also be apparent to those in charge  – specifically regarding time and cost, the two top factors influencing project success.

The insightful data that the best project management app provides enables team leaders to make cost and time-effective adjustments to the project scope to keep everything on track – such as re-assigning tasks, retraining staff, or hiring subcontractors to help with the job.


According to studies, the average project success rate is only 39%. And 43% of projects are challenged by being over-budget, late, or delivering sub-standard orders, while 18% fail due to being cancelled or never-used.


 When we look at the three main factors for success – and how few projects achieve these goals, it’s clear that there is a need for an efficient project management time tracking tool to organise and prioritise pre-planned project goals.

The 3 Main Factors Leading to Project Success

No matter the size of your business, project success can always be measured by looking at three main factors:

1. Running On-Schedule: Time

74% of projects don’t succeed because they are delivered  late, proving that timely delivery is key to project success. CanTicket time tracking tool allows administrators to keep a constant eye on staff activity by generating reports that monitor the time that staff, subcontractors, and teams spend on assignments – and ensure they stick to their deadlines.

2. Staying within Budget: Cost

Being cost-effective leads to success – and 59% of projects exceed their budget, leading to failure. Tracking the time departments and staff spends on tasks allows companies to pay their employees fairly and invoice clients correctly – especially if billing by the hour. One of the best Canticket project management app features is expense tracking:

3. Quality Output | Linked to Organisation, Planning, Time, and Cost

Only 69% of deliverables are delivered as requested by the client. The output quality will be high if the project is well-managed and the schedule and budget are adhered to strictly – and that brings us back to Factors 1 and 2:: Time and Cost. Time and cost directly affect the quality of output. Therefore excellent planning, structure, and organisation of departments, staff, clients, budgets, invoicing, expenses and schedules are all critical for project success


 Many small businesses are turning to project management software to streamline and organise their projects,

Time is money. Wasted time means wasted money means trouble.’ ~ Shirley Temple