Why You Should be Using Client Management Tools

Are you still relying on traditional methods to manage customer tickets and support processes? If so, it’s time to make that switch.

Launched early this year, CanTicket is an online tool that will maximise productivity. 

Get all your business deliverables in ONE easy-to-use platform. 

No more juggling between a million different tools, whether on the computer or phone – it’s now just one place for everything! 

Here are the benefits of using a project management tool.

  1. Using a web-based project management tool will help you manage customer support more efficiently. By using such a tool, you can easily see which requests are still open and which have been closed. Additionally, you can use the tool to set up reminders for yourself or your team members to follow up on outstanding requests
  2. Project management tools provide a higher level of customer service. With the client management feature, customers can receive fast and accurate responses to their inquiries. Tasks are readily available for team members to work on.
  3. Project management tools are more cost-effective than traditional methods. You’ll save money on paper products, postage costs, and employees.
  4. Reporting and giving updates to your clients is made easy with project management tools that have client management features. It’s also possible for you or an employee of your company, client, etc., to use the app remotely from their phone to track project data such as sales volumes by day of the week during different months throughout last year with ease!
  5. Our web-based project management tool is a one-time fee for your entire business. We don’t believe in charging small businesses per user or even by the number of tools they need to run their company, because as soon as you buy one too many things on our end every month it will quickly add up and become difficult – if not impossible! Enjoy savings with just this simple solution.
  6. We are not in the app store. With our software, you can access the mobile website from anywhere on your device. All updates are done through a cloud-based system that does not require installing additional apps or downloading anything onto a personal computer!
  7. We want you to have the best possible experience with our product, so if at any time during your day-to-day use of if, if something doesn’t feel right or is not working as expected please contact us at the HelpDesk. We also have FAQs and videos to help you out. You can also send us a ticket, and our team will respond within 3 days of receiving an inquiry!

Are you ready to make that switch and increase your productivity by managing tasks simply?